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RISG Multimedia / Webcasting Services

@ RISG we actively embrace "New & Emerging Technologies". We are proud to offer our potential clients a full suite of multimedia services inclusive of Web Casting, Video Streaming, and Video Conferencing for their special events, meetings and presentations. With the advent of high speed internet access and the onslaught of portable devices the old "still image" galleries no longer can offer the techno savvy surfers and business users what they need to succeed. Dynamic Content is King; Web casting, Video Streaming, and Videoconferencing have now taken their rightful places within the arena. We have been testing many of the technologies and have combined a series of tools that allows us flexibility, portability and mobility. As long as we have a internet connection we can facilitate your multimedia service needs. RISG has done a case study with one our clients and have been doing live web casting over the past year from Atlanta's Uptown Comedy Corner. Our team has been streaming live comedy over the net with much success. We are now able to offer our services to our clients with several different packaged solution that can be applied in a multitude of applications.

RISG Hospitality Consulting

RISG is proud to offer a specialized divsion that caters directly to the Hospitality Industry. We have been actively working with the hostpitality industry to source the best of breed technologies to assist distressed orgainziation with the proper tools to help get their organizations back in the black. We have observed the trends within the industry and have taken our real world experiences and have been able to facilitate solutions that ultimately affect a companies overall performance. Our specialization in POS System Integration and rollouts has given us a strong grasp on hot botton issues that must be addressed inorder to maintain a succesful operation.

  • Staffing, Screening & Training
  • Handbook & Operations Manual Creation
  • POS System Upgrades, Installation, Configuration, and Maximization
  • Inventory Control 
  • Shrinkage
  • Theft Detterent

Web Design & Development

Custom Business Hosting, for the micro business enterprise.  The following are some standard or baseline hosting packages that include website design, 1 year of hosting, 1 year of support, 1 year domain registration.

  • ¡Website-In-A-Day
  • ¡Business Standard
  • ¡Business Premium


Unemployed, Looking For a Job

Unemployed, Looking For a Job
By Gary Chappell-Smith

Unemployment Crisis?

With the economic crisis, the economy has slumped in such a way that many people are finding themselves unemployed or facing redundancy.

With more people seeking employment for the same jobs, positions are becoming increasingly scarce, hence people are looking for alternative ways to make ends meet.

This may be opening their own business, but again due to the economy and vast numbers of unemployed, many find this a difficult and risky undertaking particularly if the business requires premises and staff.

Small businesses are also suffering as larger companies they supply feel the pinch and cut back on orders, creating the unpleasant task of having to let staff go.With unemployment reaching staggering numbers,

Read more...

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